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Well, today is a special day.

I am a year older....  

The big 26.
I feel super blessed this year.
I learned a lot about myself during my 25th year. 

I learned about true friendships, daily reminders to be honest to yourself and others, and always enjoy each moment you get.
You may not have another chance with the people you have in your life right now.

I have fallen in love with myself.
Even though I am single on another birthday, I am finally content.
Content in myself and where I am right now.

I hope this year teaches me many more things.
I have a feeling it will.


Some of the best memories of twenty five....

Here's to a new year, an improved me and a year full of happiness.


  1. Happy Birthday! Love your pictures! Hope this next year is wonderful for you!

  2. Happy birthday my friend!! I hope this year is the best one yet!!

  3. Happy Birthday! Enjoy the day (and the year!) :)


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