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Best way to spend Saturday night - Sunday afternoon

Spending time with Cupit was another highlight of my weekend.
I think the last time we saw each other was around this time.....last year.

But you know what? 
We hugged, laughed about how I got lost and she grabbed my box fan for me.
We went upstairs and just caught up on life for a few hours.
Then went to sleep.

When we woke up, we laid around and ate breakfast.
Even Lucy, her new dog, joined in on our laziness.

Watched a movie while the rain poured down outside and then got ready for lunch:
It was our tradition to always eat mexican when we were in our college days.
I miss our college days.

After lunch, we went to get pedicures.  

After pedicures, we made our way to get yogurt.

Only the best way to spend a Saturday night to Sunday afternoon, if you ask me.

Thanks for a wonderful short trip, Cupit! 
(I know you are reading this once you get an email).

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