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#birthdaymonth part TWO.

Typically, I like to plan my own birthday dinners.
But not this year, this year I wanted to be surprised.

Yeah, that is me.  

And all smiles.


Dinner was fabulous and I was so blessed by who showed up to celebrate my birthday at O'Charley's.
I also loved that Ryan was my server.  
He has been my friend for years. 

I ordered some new dish and it wasn't good,
but all I really wanted to eat was more chocolate cake.
No surprise there.

The food was good, the cake - even better - but you know what was the best?  
The love and friendship that I felt all through the day/night.
Okay, okay...and the presents. jk. 

From top to bottom:  Mr. Mike; Nikki and Kara and I looking at the wrong camera; Kristin and Cobie; Aubree; Ashley; Me with all my goodies; My sugar pie Brooke; and Kara with her really legit wedges. 

I cannot begin to express how much that surprise birthday dinner meant to me.
I have a really great support system who does not mind wearing Princess crowns.

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