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Bourbon Ghosts.

The French Quarter Phantoms Ghost Tour was by far one of the best highlights of any trip I've had in New Orleans.
I absolutely loved it. 
It was literally an educational experience and now there are some places I will just never go inside of or on that side of the street.
I absolutely believe there are ghosts/spirits living among us. 
Vampires? Ehh. 

Before walking up to the Andrew Jackson Hotel, I told Brooke "hey this is a really cute hotel, we should stay here." 
After our tour guide, Luke, told us the story behind this one, I quickly recanted my statement. 

Basically, this building used to be a housing dormitory for young boys.
During a fire in the French Quarter, 5 of the young boys were trapped in this building and could not get out. 
They died in this building.
Over the years, visitors have stayed at this hotel and always call the front desk complaining that there are kids running around on the second floor keeping them awake.
The front desk person always explains that there are not any kids staying in the hotel.
Semi creepy.

Well one time Luke took a tour out, he told the exact same story.
One engaged couple decided they did not believe him.
During their two week honeymoon, they decided the second week to stay in New Orleans and stay as guests in this hotel to see if it was legit or not.
The last night they were there, the wife called Luke and basically cussed him out.  Said that there was no kids there - not one disturbance and basically called him a phony. 

Two days later, the wife called Luke back and apologized.
She began to explain why.

She said: We just went and got our film developed out of our camera.  Our 3rd to last photo was us going out to dinner the night that I called you and said that there was not any kids or any ghosts.
Our last photo was us getting on a plane to go back home. 
Our second to last photo, I know for sure there had to be spirits in that hotel, because it was a picture of us from the angle of the ceiling fan taking a picture of me and my husband asleep.

After he told us that, I was like uhhh naww baby. Let's get the heck out of here.
For the record, Brooke still wants to stay there. 

This building was so big I could not get a picture of the entire thing.
So this is the closest I could get to getting a full view.

This was Madam LaLaurie's house.
Her first husband was twenty years older than her and then died while eating soup.
She got all of his money.

Her second husband was twenty years older than her and then died while eating soup.
She got all of his money and became the richest woman back in the 1800's in New Orleans.
She also made a "killer" soup.

Her third husband, she did not kill.  He was twenty years younger than her and was the first recorded 'cougar.'  She had long, fire red hair (think Lindsay Lohan before she colored it).

To go on record saying Madam LaLaurie was a weird, evil bitch would not be far fetched.

Our tour guide told us so much about this house.
I am just gonna give you the spark notes version.

Madam LaLaurie and her husband were very rich.
They threw parties all the time and loved hosting.
One night there was a fire that occurred in the kitchen.
Firemen came and put it out.  When the smoke cleared they saw an old African slave chained to the stove.  When she came to, one of the firemen asked her how she became strapped to the stove.

She said: I did it.  I would rather die than spend one more night in this house with this evil couple.  
Take me to jail, but do not take me back in that house. 

Since the firemen thought that was semi-weird they decided to go check out the entire house.  And also to question Madam LaLaurie and her husband.
However, they had vanished.  Could not find them anywhere.  

They noticed one room was barricaded off with wood and decided to break it down and open it. 
They fell to their knees due to the stench when they opened the door. 
Once they could get up, they noticed some horrific things:

Two tables with a man and woman on each one. Man and woman both had their legs, arms, and genitalia amputated and placed on the opposite person.  They were both dead. 

In the corner, one woman was alive.
Both of her arms and legs were amputated and an inch piece of skin had been removed from the top of her head all the way down. 
The only way she could move was by inching her shoulders.
She was known as the human caterpillar.

In a 3 feet by 3 feet by 3 feet box (that could only fit a medium size dog), 
the fireman opened it to find a human being alive.
All bones were broken to fit this person inside the box.  
When they got the person out, their bones had reformed inside the box.
They walked sideways.
They were known as the human crab.

Is that not some of the freakiest stuff you have ever heard??? 
I could not handle it so guess where we went after to just sit in awe of the things we heard and our favorite beignets....

Cafe Du Monde.

I just want to end with this: 
I would totally go on this tour again.
And will.

French Quarter Phantoms also has a True Crimes tour and a Cemetery tour (that they only do during the day).

The price is extremely affordable.
If you sign up online (like I did) - you get $4 dollars off each ticket so it's only $16 each.
I mean, that's the same price as a house salad, fries and a margarita at Margaritaville.

Their website is www.frenchquarterphantoms.com 

Brooke and I went on a Sunday night at 6 p.m.
It was awesome.

If you are ever in New Orleans and want something other to do than Bourbon Street, 
I highly recommend this.

It was a spooky good time. 

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  1. I went on that tour when I went to New Orleans too! I had forgotten the specific details but your post brought all the creepy memories back. So creepy, so great :)


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