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Friday's Five

Since I am not on my MacBook at the moment,
you will just get one photo and a list.
Boring, I know.
But it's FRIDAY!!!
(so so so so happy it is finally the END of this work week)

  • The fact that my scale has said 146 the last two morning this week - another pound down.

  • Feeling nauseaus every day is not wonderful, but I think it has had something to do with my body acknowledging actual "clean eating" and not stuffing myself with fries from every restaurant I attend.

  • Getting paid today.  My bank account is relieved. 

  • Attending a friend's wedding tomorrow AFTER getting my hair trimmed/styled.

  • My obsession with Snapchat.  Dare I say I like it more than Instagram? Eek, those are strong words there folks.  

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