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Thursday Tips

On Monday, I decided to make a few changes.
Nothing wayyy too drastic, just enough conscious changes that will help me.


I began a "no junk food" challenge that I spoke about yesterday.
I have my moments where I want a peice of chocolate, but overall it is going well.
(I have not eaten the chocolate, by the way)

Water is becoming my lifeline.
I have completely cut out the carbonated drinks again.
(for a while, I was drinking one dr. pepper on the weekends - okay maybe 3).
I have made a conscious effort to drink so much that I may throw up.
"A gallon a day keeps the fat away."

Bare nails.
I am the girl that used to have her fingernails painted every week, done professionally of course.
A few months ago, I took off my toenail polish and noticed that on my big toes would have white residue left on there that not even the strongest acetone would take off.
I read that it is calcium deposits that build up on your toes when they don't get enough "fresh air and room to breathe" - so this is now my second time to let my hands and feet breathe.  I'm all about the natural look, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't super ready for a pedicure.
Try natural for a week if you have the nail issue like I have.

I ran out of vitamins a couple weeks ago. 
Thankfully CVS sent me a coupon for $4 dollars off when you spend $30. 
Well, I went in knowing I needed vitamins and decided to go ahead and also buy some Biotin.  Lately my skin and hair has been looking semi-cray, so I decided to go ahead and buy some vitamins that would go straight to that source.
Enter: Biotin, 5000mg.

I am taking it at night with my other medicine and hopefully I am rejuvenating more than just my muscles when I'm sleeping.

Sleep/Social Media.

Even though the #overcomethelie challenge is over, I am still going to be mindful of the fasting I promised myself I would do.
I chose to stay off of Instagram/Facebook/Twitter from 8 pm to 8 am.
I am slowly becoming pretty good at not pushing that Instagram button on my Iphone.
It gives me an hour or two to decompress - take my bath, apply lotion, wash my face, floss, etc.
Then I usually crawl in the bed around 9 and start my devotional.
Ending my day with Jesus just helps me sleep better.

I feel like an old grandma saying I get excited about going to bed before 10 pm,
but sleep is necessary and super important, y'all.
Try it if you feel old like me.


So that's it.
Just 5 tips for this Thursday.
If you have any tips that are helping you become a healthier you,
please leave a comment.
Or just leave a comment to say hey.
I love comments.


  1. I LOVE going to bed early! Theres nothing better! Last night I was up late trying to get my life in order, doing laundry, picking up, etc and it was so weird to be up doing all that at 10:30 PM. HA!

  2. These are some great changes! Little ones sometimes make the best difference. :) And lol on the "i love comments" line. I am the SAME way and no one ever does!



  3. i need to do the no social media challenge. It's a steady process...


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