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I apologize for not telling you about part two of my NOLA trip yet,
but I want to be able to really sit down and go into detail.
Ghost stories next week, folks.

I am currently an hour away from getting in my car and driving to the MS Gulf Coast.

I packed up [like this girl above] this morning
and I am ready. to. go.
The boss of our company is allowing us to leave at 2 pm today. Love her.

I feel like the last 3 weeks I have been living out of my suitcase
and I semi have - considering I don't like to unpack.

Plans include relaxing this weekend and playing with a 1 year old while loving on her mom (who is due with a baby boy in July)
Much love, food and laughter to spread around this *memorial day* weekend.

I hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend and I am still praying for any of you affected by the tornado that hit specific parts of Oklahoma. 

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  1. Hope you were wearing that same tulle skirt while packing! ;) Enjoy your weekend!


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