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Workout Wednesday

I woke up in a really great mood on my birthday. 
Then I took this photo and I have no clue what I'm doing with my arm.

Not much progress.

I don't feel like my body has changed much/gotten smaller at all, 
but getting on the scale that morning made it the happiest birthday of all:

I am officially out of the 150's!!!!

I haven't been doing anything differently except adding more water to my daily intake.
I tried drinking 2 gallons of water a day and let me tell you,
that was not an easy task.
It was highly unlikely for me to ever accomplish. 
I did a gallon every 2 days.
But peeing every 20 minutes: consider it done.


Went to yoga last night.
Work has been crazy hectic since one of our coworkers got promoted to another department so I'm running around like woah.
So...meditating and stretching is exactly what I needed.

What exercises/habits have you done recently that is helping you see/feel changes???


  1. Ok if water intake is the key, I am going to try and up mine today. SO PROUD of this huge milestone girl. Keep it up!!! Don't get discouraged!

  2. PS I really want to try yoga-did you love it?

    1. I did! One of my coworkers teaches a beginner class at a studio right down the road. It's $15 dollars a class so I don't go very often. I would love to go more if I had money to just spend and spend. Ha ha. I am so sore today, so it definitely worked.

  3. You are doing awesome!!! Keep it up lady!


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