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Workout Wednesday

Just so you know, Advocare Spark is what's get me going every morning.
Even Natalie wanted some and she wasn't even 5 months old in this picture.
She's a smart girl, I tell ya.

I have updated my site through Advocare and if you want any products, 
feel free to click here


My workout wednesday post is quite possibly the most influential Instagram person I follow.
Her name is Brittney Shae and her instagram name is: BSHAEFIT.

I have been following her for a few months now and each day she uploads a photo to show her progress.
Her determination is so inspiring. 
She doesn't have a personal trainer or someone teaching her.
It is all her - such a wonderful inspiration to me.

She shows me daily how you are capable of doing great things.
She constantly puts up positive posts and writes her followers back when she can.
Has a full time job and usually works out twice a day.
Such an inspiration to me.

If you need extra motivation (like I've been for the past 3 weeks) - 
this is the girl to follow.
She also just started a 10 day clean eating challenge - I started doing it yesterday.

I woke up at 147.4 this morning.
(this was my 'fat' weight in high school - exciting)

I was so wanting her to win the entire competition and guess what? 


Not sure if Bshaefit will ever read this but if she does, 
I hope she knows how much of a role model she is for me.

If she does decide to compete at Worlds in August,
I will be here in MS cheering her on. 


  1. Don't let yourself be discouraged if you don't feel like you are making progress like she is! She is definitely not a "normal" person and very few people will ever look like her. I, for one, am super inspired by YOU and your journey to becoming healthy! I know I need to live a healthier lifestyle and someone who working on doing that really challenges me! Thank you!

  2. Love my spark! I've only recently started drinking it and feel like I can accomplish anything plus workout for hours after I drink it! I do fruit punch! I will have to follow Brittney, I love when others share their secrets! You're doing good girl! Any high school weight is an accomplishment!:)


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