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Workout Wednesday

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I started a new challenge on Memorial Day: 

I am also adding "soft drinks" to this.

The reason I am doing this challenge is because I will be on the beach the last week of June.
And honestly I hope to look a whole lot better than how I did Monday:

Can you say gross pudge 5 times fast? Cause I can.

I am so so so sick of seeing that line of fat right above my bathing suit line, 
so my goal is to try my hardest to get rid of it.

I will also be increasing my water intake again.
Eating clean and water will be my 2 bff's for the next three weeks. 

Wanna join me in the 'no junk food' challenge?  
Leave me a comment below. 

P.S. I am also starting to train for my first half-marathon.
Pray for this non-runner.

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  1. you look great, lady! Good luck with the challenge!


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