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Life REALLY is Sprinkles and Glitter...

Hi Cassie's friends!

I'm Shae, from Sprinkles & Glitter! That handsome fellow beside me is my superhero sidekick (okay, my boyfriend), Matt. I'm from Oklahoma, and clearly I like glitter, and I think Cassie is awesome. Since Cassie's on vacation and we're all jealous, I decided to take you on a blogging road trip vacation covering my favorite things in my amazing state!

Stop 1: The Kennedy Cattle Ranch, aka my home. Here you'll find several momma cows and their babies, a bull or two, show steers, four horses, and a donkey named Bugs. You'll also get the opportunity to witness some beautiful sunsets.

You can fish and camp by the ponds if you'd like.

Stop 2: We'll take a short drive over to my cousin's steakhouse in Amber. It's the only restaurant in town so you won't get lost! 

When you sit down, don't be surprised to see one of his kids deliver a basket of ribs for your table - no chips & salsa here, you get a free rib to start off with! Also, you won't get a menu; just tell them if you want ribs, chicken or steak with baked potato, curly fries or regular fries, and Ted's delicious cooking will be served! Don't forget to hit the salad bar for some fried okra.

Stop 3: The Oklahoma Standard was first spoken of in the media during the aftermath of the April 19, 1999 bombing. That is, Oklahomans are strong, we will support each other, love each other and do whatever we can to help all the time, but especially in times of crisis. It's just who we are. 

We'll visit the Oklahoma City National Memorial so you can see the chairs, the reflection pool and the gates of time. It's a place that shows we are Oklahoma strong, and is a very important part of our state.

Stop 4: Quickly now, we'll make three stops at once because our last stop is SUPER important - first we'll go to a stock show, so you can see those cattle from my house (and my brothers) in action. Then we'll hop over to my work to volunteer for a bit - we'll pack food for hungry Oklahomans, and maybe meet a celebrity in the process (like Desmond Mason!). 

We'll end the day at a Thunder game to cheer on the state's favorite team.

Stop 5: We're finally at my favorite place on earth, my amazing alma mater, Oklahoma STATE University! We will go to Homecoming and see all the House Decs, walk around the BEAUTIFUL campus, then head to a football game at Boone Pickens Stadium, where I will take a million pictures outside the stadium but forget to take any once we get inside.

I hope you enjoyed your tour of Oklahoma, thanks for going with me! 
Be sure to follow all of my Oklahoma adventures at www.shaeken.com :) 

Hope to see you soon!

Thank you Shae for taking the time to show us around Oklahoma.  I don't know if I will ever be able to visit but I do hope we get to meet one day soon! You have become such a good friend to me and I miss our daily emails when our days get too hectic.  
Girls, get to know Shae - she is definitely a blessing. :) 

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  1. I love this, Shae! OKC marathon, steak, Thunder game and Walkaround. You covered everything good! :)



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