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Monday Motivation

I'm gonna be honest here when I tell you that I am slowly losing my motivation.

For work. For working out. For eating healthy. For reading books in my spare time. For blogging.

Everyone needs rest days, I know that.

But what happens when you just feel like you need a break that lasts more than a day? 

You fall off the motivation wagon.

I went to the gym yesterday after church and got on the treadmill determined to be able to run for as long as I did a month ago.
My body chuckled at me. 
It said:  "it doesn't work that way Cass - You are gonna have to build your endurance back up." 

So tonight I have a boot camp class which will get me out of my Anytime Fitness routine.

Tomorrow night I have dinner with my girls to discuss Bridget's wedding showers/bachelorette party plans.

Whenever you feel like you are going through a rough life patch..just make a couple changes. 
It can make a world of difference. 

So that's my motivation for today:
Look for something new and go after it. 


  1. Hearts, my sweet friend. Chin up. I know where you're coming from. You're awesome, and you'll get back to it all, I know it.

  2. Get it, girl! Take time for yourself if needed!

  3. This is good sister, and so real life!


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