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My Weekend on Monday...

Happy Monday, folks.  

I am happy because this is the only day I work this week - headed to the beach tomorrow! 

On Friday, I went to Oxford to attend the 10th Annual Shakespeare Festival. 
Specifically, to go support my friend, Taylor as she performed in Love's Labour's Lost and Macbeth.

I loved both of the plays.

The Ole Miss Theatre department really loves to perform and you can definitely see that.
I can't wait to go back and see Hairspray in the fall. 
And of course, go to a football game.

Taylor (The Second Witch) and I 

Another wonderful thing that happened this weekend? 
I had my first BLATE.
Blate is a "blogger date" for anyone who doesn't know that term.

I met sweet Lauren from Such A Time As This.

Yall, go visit this girl's blog and say hello.

In just an hour or so, I learned that she loves everything Ole Miss, is a kindergarten teacher who can rock a fake Louis Vuitton like its a real one (fooled me) and helped me give my sister fashion advice for a wedding.  She attends a lot of weddings, which is always a good thing.

I am so so so glad I got to meet Lauren and I can't wait to hang out with her again.
Ya know, in Oxford wearing our red and blue. ;) 

And last but not least, met this little cutie: 

No idea what his name is but he was the sweetest little dog.

P.S.   Workout tops make me go to the gym.
I ate over 3000 calories this weekend and the minute I got home from Oxford, 
I knew I had to get myself to the gym, like woah.

My shirt came in from Emily from MTV,
I absolutely LOVE it.
It's one of the most comfortable tanks I've ever put on.

IF you want a shirt, go to her website.

Super legit pricing and I ordered a large, just fyi.
After everything I ate this past weekend, could have used a XXL.

How was your weekend? 


  1. You are too funny! So glad we got to meet! :)

    BTW: (blog link) is Such a time as this! No big deal, though!

  2. @Lauren - Whoops! I'm sorry - should be all fixed now! :)

  3. I am really jealous you only work 1 day this AND get to go to the beach!


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