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Ready to BLOOM, girls?

Hi, girls!  I'm really glad that Cassie asked me to take over her space while she's away because she's become such a sweet friend to me!  She's always encouraging me and challenging me with the way that she's always growing in her faith... and always working out.  Yeah... I still need to be challenged a little bit more with the working out thing. ;)

Whoops, I didn't even introduce myself!  My name is Nicole and I blog over at Bloom.  I've been lucky enough to get to advertise for our girl Cassie and It's really allowed me to get to know her better.  I love having blog friends, don't you?

Speaking of blog friends... I love to meet them, too!  When I first started blogging I would have thought you were crazy if you told me that I would one day meet some of these girls that I exchange emails with.  But, as the Lord would have it, I've met some of the most amazing women through this little community that I will count as lifelong friends.  

This is my blog friend turned in real life best friend, Jamie.  This was the first time Jamie and I met in the fall of 2011.  From the moment she showed up at my apartment door we've been best friends.  It's the WILDEST thing.  When I was thinking about what to write here today Cassie asked me the question, "If we were to meet in real life and I came to your town, what would a typical weekend look like."  What a great question, Cassie!  Let's talk about that! ;)

I live in small town, Mississippi just a few jumps from the Tennessee state line.  I can be in downtown Memphis in minutes and I love having a small town and a city to call "home".  If you were to come visit me, you'd get a good taste of small town life as well as a little nibble of the great city of Memphis!

Here's a few things that you can find me doing to fill our weekends...

You would definitely be hanging out with these "people" a lot.  They are kind of my children.

I would probably take you to Hernando's farmer's market just because there is nothing cuter than a bunch of farmers setting up on a historic town square.  It's so sweet and simple.  I just love buying fresh produce from someone local!

Then, I would definitely take you to get the best cheesecake and coffee the south has to offer.  You read right... THE BEST IN THE SOUTH.  Cheesecake Corner is a little hole in the wall place in downtown Memphis that has the good cheesecake and even better coffee.  It's one of my favorite places to go on a date night!

To end the weekend, I would take you to church and small group with me!  Sunday is one of my favorite days of the week because I get to spend so much time with church friends who have become some of our very best friends.  I love small group because we catch up, eat, and then get into the Word together.  Nothing is sweeter, friends. 

So... now none of you want to come visit me because I'm so terribly boring!  Ha!  But really, my life is so sweet and I've loved being able to share it with blog friends who end up being real life friends.  I would be honored to host you.  :)

Thanks for letting me chat for the day, Cassie!  I hope you're enjoying your vacation!
Thank you Nicole for taking the time to be a guest blogger! I can't wait to find a time to come visit! Everyone, go visit Nicole's page right now! You will be blessed by her heart and words, I promise you. She is my accountability partner when it comes to my relationship with Jesus (and I don't think she knows that - well, now she does). Come back tomorrow for another blogger friend!


  1. Thanks for having me, lady!! So glad that we've been able to "meet"!!

  2. this is so fun! You ladies are both special to me! :)

    Thank the Lord for blogging!


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