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Truthful Tuesday

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that yesterday my mom sent me a text message that said "my dad may need an ambulance by the time you get home." 
Well, obviously I did not take that very well.

My dad is the man to my left in the photo above.
He is an extremely hard worker and I hope I got half his work ethic.
He was picking up a jack stand (that lifts cars and trucks off the ground a bit so you can work under them) with his right hand and boom, back went out. 

Last night as he limped around and scrunched his face in pain with every movement, 
he told me one thing:

Don't get old.

I told him I would try my best not to.
I made sure his heating pad was on and felt like I should do more.
But I didn't know what...

So I went ahead and went to that boot camp class I talked about yesterday.
If nothing else, I can exercise to make sure that my core/back is healthy and strong.

I doubt I can make the promise that I'll never get old,
but I can promise to help him realize he isn't too old to be my dad.

P.S.  Thank you to everyone who has said a prayer for my dad.
I appreciate it more than you know.
He is currently resting at home and may not go to the doctor.
Time will tell.


  1. oh no! Hope your dad feels good soon! My mother had back problems last year and it was awful watching her in pain!

    1. Thank you Lauren! I hate not being able to help. How did your mom get through it?

  2. Praying for his swift recovery!


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