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A message at a wedding.

This past Saturday I went to a wedding of a college friend who I was never super close to,
 but we were on the same dance team so that gave us a bond like no other.

I am so happy for her and her new hubby.
She was so beautiful.
I did not get to go to the reception,
but I know I learned something at the wedding site.
Her pastor spoke a truth to me that I had heard before,
but not one I actually listened to.

He spoke on how marriage is something that we are supposed to do.
It is a blessing, a covenant, and a vocation.
Man is not meant to be alone, that is why he created a partner for Adam.

I am supposed to be Eve.
At some point in my life.

I never thought of it like that...
That marriage is something we are all called to do by the One who created us.

God knows my thoughts and desires.
He created me and knows exactly who is for me.
I act like "i'll be single forever and i'll be fine with it;"  
however, I just got a real clarity Saturday that I won't be.  

I still cringe when I hear "your guy is out there - he just hasn't found you yet."  
But, in all honesty, the truth is hard to hear now because I know it's true.

I'm waiting for my Adam,
and I am so glad that I was able to witness a college friend marry hers.


  1. Loving this truth! Thanks for sharing.

    Our day should be here soon! :)

  2. your blog is fabulous.. thank you for these words!


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