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Dear Natalie Rose,

Natalie, my dear, you are now 7 months old.
You are so big now. 
I can't hold you for as long as I used to because I have weak arms,
 but I am working on that now.

Then > Now 

You still have you daddy's looks and your momma's temper when it comes to being hungry.
I got to feed you your bottle a few times.  

You wake up and you are just happy.
Pure joy just releases from your smile.
I am slowly trying to learn how to wake up the same way.

In your last post I wrote you, I said you were very smart.
Well you really are. 

We walked around Walmart and the majority of the time you kept your hands off the buggy and stared at everyone.
Two main things you should always do at Walmart.

I am so proud to be your Aunt.
You are the cutest thing I have seen in a long time.
And your parents are doing a great job at raising you.
You have more hair than your dad now too.

I can't wait to come see you again soon. 
You will be another month older and I'll be another month hotmess-ish.

Aunt Cassie 

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