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Recently, I downloaded the YouVersion App on my Iphone.  It has all types of Bible plans, even #SheReadsTruth that a bunch of blogger girls follow.  

My finger goes directly to the Devotional section of the plans to really study the Word.  I feel like I can get a better understanding when I have a few paragraphs to go along with the verses.  Also, years ago when I purchased my bible I was immediately drawn to a particular one: a Women's Devotional Bible.

After reading a couple #shereadstruth devotionals, I recently found one on Dating.  
It's not very devotional; the first day it had one paragraph and asked me two questions:

Now, every day it is just one bible verse to read and study.  I am really wanting to learn as much as I can about "the right way to date" in this time in my life.  Being in my "mid to late" twenties, it is more of a stigma on myself that I am still single

I also don't have any prospects for being asked on a date either.  If this is a waiting alone period, I want to take this time to make myself the best I can be physically and spiritually.  The good Lord knows I need help with both.

So question to you girls; single or married - what devotional type things do you have on your phone/that you study/have studied...help a single sister out.

Happy Monday, y'all.

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  1. Twelve Extraordinary Women by John MacArthur was really good! It doesn't speak to dating specifically but more focuses in on the women of the Bible to show what God expects of us as women. I would love to let you borrow it if you're interested.


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