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Five on Friday

1. The Fourth of July 

Brailyn and I 

I don't know if I've mentioned this before, but the 4th day of July is not my favorite holiday.
Last night, Brailyn asked me what was the big deal about today? 

I told her it was the day we gained our freedom from Great Britain.
Our leaders signed a sheet of paper and BOOM! We were free.
(I tend to make things semi dramatic for my 4 year old friend)

She just looked out the window to see an American flag and said:
the flag is just so pretty, I can't stop looking at it. 

2.  My Fundraiser on SkinnyRunner

I still have not raised the money yet for St. Jude so I can run my FIRST half-marathon.
I need to raise $500.00 to have a spot to participate.
If you can give or know someone who can, 
please visit my fundraising page here.

3.  Blondes have more fun? 

Got my hair cut and colored this morning.
I had the day off work, thanks Governor.

Big thanks to my bff, Brooke, for being such a great hairstylist.

I love it.

4.   The comments I have gotten on my latest posts have helped me more than y'all know, girls. 
I cannot thank each one of you enough for your encouragement/just an ear to listen.
I will try and contact each one of you soon.
If I don't, don't think for a second you didn't impact me. You did.
Y'all are a blessing to me, truly.

5.  REST 

I hope each one of you has a wonderful, relaxing weekend.
I plan on going to a girls' night, a birthday dinner and a trip to ChuckECheese.
I just can't turn down their pizza...and skeetball.

Happy Weekend, y'all. 
Be back on Monday.


  1. love that flag shirt!

    Yay for a relaxing weekend!

  2. I was reading SR's blog today and thought... HEY! I know that girl! :) I hope you get funded soon!

  3. Found your blog through Lauren, my college roommate and real life blogging friend. Love the new hair!! I've been wanting to highlight my hair. You may have just inspired me!!


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