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Happy Birthday Lila!

Dear Lila, 
Today is your 20ahem birthday.

I am so thankful you were born so that I could become friends with you.
You encourage me to be a better person.

Without you, I would have never walked/ran a 5k - 
even though my first 5k I had no endorphins after, I was pissed. 

You came down to celebrate my 24th birthday and what a weekend that was.
Me driving over a curb, etc.

We have things in common:

1.  We love supporting awesome t-shirt people. 

2.  We love going out to eat in flats.

3.  We wouldn't have met without this girl and we threw her a pretty awesome shower.

4.  We know how to attract the wrong types of men. 
Ex: purple shirt and blue shirt.

5.  We love the beach.

6.  We LOVE football
State, Auburn, etc.

7.  We wake up super early to run for St. Jude.
We are raising money to run our FIRST HALF MARATHON this December.

8.  We enjoy smiling for random photo ops in front of trees at Ole Miss.
I mean, we like supporting our friend in her plays.

Happy Birthday Lila!!!
See you this weekend

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