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Jellyfish stings and diamond rings.....part ONE.

I want to thank each one of my blogger girls who guest posted for me last week.
You girls helped me out so much.
I seriously can't thank you enough AND I promise to guest blog on yours whenever needed! 

Well folks, I'm back.
Back with a semi-wonderful tan, a jellyfish sting, and splotchy skin.

The only thing I did on Tuesday when we arrived at our condo was walk all of these stairs:

a ridiculous amount of times.

And then, laid by the pool.  I became friends with this chair.

That night we went out to dinner.
But we can't have a dinner before our lagoon photoshoot.

Wednesday was beach day.

I guess I've never actually been to Gulf Shores in June because I don't remember it being so HOT, y'all.
Like it was bad. 
Without a canopy, you can pretty much forget it.

But I tried to make the most of it, ya know.
Like building my FIRST sandcastle.
Then turning it into a community.

Notice the shells on their roofs? 
Who said I can't decorate....

I got in the ocean to cool off and BAM! 
Got stung all over the top of my left ankle.
So what does a girl like me do?

You guessed it...

Back in my chair.

Then later on that afternoon I had played out my Pandora and phone was almost dead.
Walked back up the 21202303 steps to our condo door to plug my charger in.
As I'm walking up to the stairs to my room (yes, more stairs) 
I get a text from my bff, Cupit, saying that she is


I am so excited for her.
I can't wait to help her as much as I can.
She is going to be a beautiful bride in March.

If you want to know why I cried for 2 nights straight after that, 
you will have to come back tomorrow.

Remember the title - - this is only part ONE. 

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  1. Thinking about you, sweet girl! I love your dress and your lagoon picture!

    Can't wait for part two!


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