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Links to Love.

Do you ever find those blog girls you just immediately fall in love with and may never meet them? Well, I do.

Here are three blogs that I just want you to know is out there...
and that really spoke to me this week. 

1. Haley

I took this quote from Haley's page.

She is constantly making lists and goals that she wants to accomplish in the near future.
Follow her blog to keep up with her fast, now back to the East coast lifestyle.

She moved back to NC last week and she was in my state for a night.
Hate we missed that opportunity to finally meet.


2.  Whitney

Every time I read Whitney's blog I just feel like I get it.
She speaks directly to my late twenty self.

Read this post and tell me she relates to you as well.

My favorite line in that post: Babies at 23 is so awesome for some of my friends. It's the way they're supposed to live. But I'm not supposed to have babies yet - or even a husband. Because if I were, I would have it.

3.  Amy

Amy is one of my new blogger reads.
I haven't been following her for as long as the other two, but she also speaks so much truth.
Like y'all her post on Tuesday blew me away.

I had to click her link to the before post because I will admit I had not read it yet.
Her life lesson #22 just really tugged at my heart strings.

Here is an excerpt:

I learned that there really are men who will hold the door open for you. Who will pray for you. Who will tell you that you look beautiful, but even more importantly, who will tell you that your faith is beautiful.

And ladies, for those of you who are still waiting, it's worth waiting for.

You deserve to have the door held for you.
You deserve to be prayed for.
You deserve to be told that you are beautiful.
And you deserve to be told that your faith is beautiful.

Don't ever forget that.


So whatever y'all do today, I hope it makes you smile.

If you need a little encouragement before Friday gets here,
I encourage you to click on these 3 girls blogs.

They didn't ask me to post this, but I'm glad I did.

Haley | Whitney | Amy


  1. Love this and you for posting it! Thank you so much! One of these days we are going to make our meeting happen :)

    Have a great Thursday!

  2. You are the very sweetest!! Thank you SO much for blessing me today :)

  3. you are awesome. thank you for sharing my blog!! i love reading yours too. i am so glad we get each other.

  4. Yay! Thanks for introducing me to some new girls! :)


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