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Manic Monday?

Did your weekend go by way to fast?
Mine did.
But guess what? 
I ran an entire mile on Sunday without stopping!!! 

That is big people.

(source: Whitney's blog)

This week I have a pretty packed schedule.
And when I say pretty packed, I mean, no room for error.
What's going on, you ask?

I must find a legit sports bra this week.
**Legit sports bra means that right now I wear a regular bra with a worn out sports bra on top of the regular bra and then go work out with a tshirt on.
Not really the best.**

I must eat better.
**No fried foods.  NO FRIES. Minimal bread and minimal soda.**

I must run at least a mile/walk 3 at least 3 times this week.
**Not getting off the treadmill until I see 3.1 on the screen. NO excuses.**
I did this Sunday night - it took me 61 minutes.

I must give my all at bootcamp tonight.
**I tend to slack off in the class.  Half working out is only hurting myself.**

Anything you have to do this week? 


  1. My weekend definitely went by way too fast.

  2. Congrats on the mile!!! You can do it! Got some issues of my own going on right now you can read about my failure on the blog. You can do it!

  3. great goals! you can do it :) a sports bra seems crucial :)

  4. It took me for.ev.er to get to the point where I could run a mile without stopping. What helps me is setting a goal, and then telling myself I will not stop until I pass the goal. Like if I want to run 2 miles, I will get the the 2 mile point and just go a leeeetle bit further.

    As much as I enjoy running, I really hate running.

    And seriously. Go buy a sports bra. lol.


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