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Mid-week Randoms.

1.  My yoga class was on point last night.  It was a struggle to get up this morning and it is a struggle to bend down to do stuff at work today.

2.  My goal this week is to be able to run close to 2 miles.  I want to add a mile every week to prepare for this half marathon.

3.  I am going over to my bff's house tonight to start cutting up tshirts that I hardly wear into more gym-friendly workout tanks.  Her mom is the best t-shirt cutter around and I will probably just stand around, drink sweet tea, and watch her.

4.  I got paid today.  My bank account said girlllll...you were cuttin' it real close.

5.  I am taking my second spin class ever this Saturday.  Pray for me. First time I cried in class due to thinking I could do exactly what the girl up front was doing - instructor asked me during the workout if I was okay.  I wasn't.

6.  I can't wait for Lila to open her birthday gift Friday night.  We may be twinkies saturday morning ;)

7.  Started a new bible study this morning, thanks to one lovely lady, called Ruth by Kelly Minter.  I will definitely post about this - day one has already given me so much insight.  If you don't believe me, just go read Genesis 19: 30-38.  I was like WHATTT?!! (minion voice). 

                                                      Happy Wednesday y'all! 


  1. Good luck with your running! I've recently started working out again. I rotate elliptical and yoga each day. I'm at a mile on the elliptical...hoping to add another mile or 1/2 mile next week.

  2. Adding a Mile every week is going to be hard! I read something where it was like you add 10%. Go with Half a mile! You can do it!

  3. Girl, my bank account was screaming!


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