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Motivation Monday

After Nicole posted my fitness post,
I figured I should probably address my lack of motivation lately.
I actually love eating fries more than I do working out.

But thankfully when SkinnyRunner posted about my St. Jude run,
I actually got a donation and that made me get up out of this recliner and do something. 

I made my way to Anytime Fitness and started over on my c25k program,
the Half Marathon training guide I downloaded was not for me - I need to be able to consistently run without taking a 60 second break every 4 minutes.

Whenever I am lacking motivation from now on,
I will remember why I started this goal of running a half for the kids at St. Jude.

Progress pictures also help: 

A year can make a difference. 
Never give up, y'all.

I am slowly realizing that you can take off a week or two,
but don't forget your goals.

That is your motivation for this Monday.

Any motivating tips you have that you want to share? 

1 comment:

  1. Oh my, french fries are my weakness. Well, fries and ice-cream. If i'm really feeling scandalous, I dip the fries in the ice-cream. I'm pretty sure the only reason I work out is to be able to eat. Whoever said "nothing taste as good and skinny feels" apparently never had fries covered in chocolate ice-cream. You are looking great!!! Keep it up!!!
    P.S. Thanks for the follow. Excited to get to know you better!


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