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Thursday Ramblings

Ever feel like your brain looks like the above photo?

I am currently going through some areas of my life where I am just uncertain of my path.
Am I being the best witness I can to unbelievers of Christ?
Am I at the right workplace?
Is my attitude some days just that - a fleeting emotion?
Will I ever make more money to be able to move out of my parent's house?
Will I ever meet someone who complements me and I him?

And then, last night, as I was reading my bible and devotional on my phone, I read the perfect bunch of statements that have helped me realize that all that mumble jumble is just that.
Things are in God's time, not mine.

1. Say NO to any lies, deny the flesh, and feast on the Lord!

2. Say NO to whatever emotions, imaginations, attitudes and other things that keep you from being fully satisfied in Christ.

3.  Say NO to unforgiveness, bitterness, misplaced emotions, thoughts, or imaginations of the people in your life (i.e. family, friends, spouse, children, boss, etc)

Confess anything that is spoiling your appetite for the Lord and relenquish it.
Ask HIM to give you a holy appetite for him.

My soul will be satisfied in you, Lord.
Help me to realize that today.


  1. Yes!! Some of my favorite things you've ever said. Print this out, hang it in your bathroom. :) SUCH truth!!

  2. Sometimes NO is a good thing! Hang in there, my friend!


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