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Timeline Tuesday.

Well, it's already July 9th.

Have you stopped and thought this month...
How is it already July?
What have I done this year?
Have I reached any of my goals?
I am currently in this predicament. 
I want to accomplish many things this year...
  1. Run my first half marathon in December.
  2. Be the best maid of honor I can be for my sister (whenever her wedding date is set)
  3. Completely run a 5k (particularly a Color Run) without stopping - in October or November.
  4. Be the best bridesmaid I can be for Bridget's wedding.
  5. Throw the best bachelorette party I can for Bridget in September.
  6. Meet Bentley Allen Clark.
  7. Help Cupit plan her wedding (and be her bridesmaid!)
  8. Lose 15 more pounds.
Half of the year is already gone. 
 I must make the second half better than the first.  

So far, I had my FIRST new years kiss EVER, had a wonderful birthday month, learned more about myself than I thought possible and am taking it one day at a time in my spiritual walk with Jesus. 

How are you making your second half of 2013 better than the first?


  1. I'm going to be more positive about life and the future! And spend more time with family & friends and by myself. Sometimes I need to just be with myself (reading, blogging, etc) so I can find peace.

  2. This year is seriously FLYING by!! Where has it gone?

    I just started following you on IG today and am looking forward to your inspiration/motivation posts! bring em on! :)


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