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When's your Date? I don't have one.

My weekend was just how I like it: 
Relaxing, fun with friends, and cupcakes.

I had a surprise for my sister, the new bride, on Sunday.
I am just so excited that it went off and she had no clue what was going on.
Clueless = best surprise ever.

The Premier Bridal Show is an event where a bunch of bridal vendors come together in one place and give you a bag full of wedding planning goodies.

Sometimes, you get really lucky and get your own bouquet

Just kidding. 

Only the BRIDE gets a bouquet to be captured by a professional photographer: 

If you ever attend one of these, have a date set.
That will be the first question they ask you.

My sister and I made a lot of witty comments: 

Don't have one yet.
Just got engaged two weeks ago.
Ring is being sized as well.
Sister blindfolded me - had no idea I was coming here.
No clue.
Etc, etc, etc. 

We had a lot of fun.
I am so glad I could do this for my sister.

She may not have a clue when her wedding date is, what kind of dress she wants OR when her ring will be returned to her but....now she is signed up for every giveaway that has to do with weddings in the Central MS area. 

And isn't free prizes/mustache photos what's important? 


  1. Fun!!! I bet that meant so much to her!

  2. Make sure to take her to the one in Hattiesburg at USM in the fall I think... Chad won our wedding cake there!! Lots of great giveaways.

  3. I love that you pulled something like this off! I know it was such a fun time!


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