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Workout Wednesday

I guess this shows how I have been slacking physically...
I don't remember the last time I posted a Workout Wednesday.

I had a little text discussion with my half marathon partner, Lila last week and we discussed how our training was going.
Hers = great
Mine = not so great
She tried her first Spin class this past Thursday night and decided she is hooked on the spinning train.
So while she is doing that, I'm eating fries.

I have got to get it together so....
this is my new workout schedule:
Monday: JaxFit (an hour bootcamp class)
Tuesday: Anytime Fitness (treadmill/c25k training)
Wednesday: Rest day/rivals with Kristin
Thursday: Anytime Fitness (treadmill/c25k training)
Friday: Rest day if I have plans/if not, crosstrain
Saturday: Gym in the am (treadmill/c25k training)
Sunday: Rest day/late night gym session, if I missed a day before.

My goal is to start running at least 3 miles a week, 3 times a week.
I have to build myself up, I know.

This half marathon is going to be great.
I know it's going to be hard - but sometimes the hardest thing and right thing are the same.

If you still want to give or know someone who wants to donate to the children of St. Jude,
please go donate here at http://heroes.stjude.org/blogsmaid


  1. I decided last week I am going to run a half marathon too. When is yours?

    Have you ever ran outside? It is SO MUCH NICER than running on a treadmill. Its hard to do when its hot but I just have been forcing myself to get up early and run and its made my entire day better!!! My goal is three times a week too.

  2. I ran my first half marathon back in May!! I signed up for another one in October, but have definitely fallen off the running bandwagon lately. I still LOVE it, but just haven't been putting in the time. Need to get back on that!

    You're right though, the half marathon IS going to be great! That feeling crossing the finish line? Nothing like it! When is yours?

  3. Amy and Brittany - my half marathon is December 7, 2013. Only like 143 days left?! eek!

    It is the St. Jude Half Marathon and if I don't raise $500.00 - I won't even have a chance/spot to race.

  4. I'm running my first 5k in one month. It's an Elvis 5k!! I would love to run a half but its all about baby steps for me! Check out www.rundisney.com That will be goal for next year, until then its 5ks and cross fit until I get a few 5ks under my belt. You can do it!


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