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Workout Wednesday

If you are sick of seeing my workout/fitness posts, 
then come back tomorrow.

I promise to not talk about working out....tomorrow.

Friday night I went to the gym and I told myself  "of course you can run a mile" - won't be hard at all. 

Well folks, it was NOT easy. 
I was fatigued and could barely get a good .30 of a mile in...
before I felt like I could not go on.
My legs want to keep going but my chest doesn't.  
I cannot seem to build up my endurance very well.

Saturday morning I woke up and decided that was the morning I would run the mile.
Still didn't happen.
I was really starting to feel frustrated.

But guess what happened Sunday after lunch? 

I want to thank my two loves for the help.....

That's why I'm telling you girls not to give up.
It's not gonna happen overnight, but it will happen.

Enough about running.
Let's talk about my next problem area: MY ARMS.

Here is a current photo of my arm:


So I text one of my guy friends and asked him what I should do.
I told him how I've been working out my arms twice a week since January on the machines at Anytime Fitness.
He immediately said that was my problem.

So from now on - no arm machines.
All dumb bells alll the time.
Here is my workout from last night:

This workout is no joke.
Almost couldn't pump my gas after I left the gym.  

Any workout tips on getting bicep/tricep lines? 
Ya girl needs help.


  1. Look at you, girl!! I can't wait to see how this new workout changes you!

  2. Planks Planks Planks. Works yours abs and arms... throw them in before that workout do like 3 for a long as you can and then just build from there... you will be shocked at how well they work!

    PS. I love training arms...not as much fat so you see results super fast (in my opinion!)

  3. Thanks Nicole - you know I will have a progress photo ;)

    And Terri - I hate planks but I will try it! And I sure hope I will see results super fast - 6 months so far and not a thing.

  4. I agree with Terri - planks are awesome! I have been focusing on my arms, too, since that's the most noticeable body part in my wedding dress. I started to go to a boxing gym and that's been giving me some great results - and great stress relief! There's nothing like punching a bag after a long day! Congrats on running your first mile!


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