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Dear August,

It's August 1st....geez.

I don't know about you, but August always made me feel like something new was just around the horizon. 
And I was almost always correct, but nothing major: just a new school year.
The first week of August is when all the kiddos go back to their classrooms and begin learning and growing.

Even though I am out of school (both figuratively and physically) I want to take this month as a time to still grow and learn, mostly about myself and who I am in Jesus.

My month is a little booked (and my little, I mean a lot):

Source: Etsy

August 2-4: Birthday celebration with Lila (which includes an early am spin class!)

August 10-11: Weekend trip to Nola for Taylor's birthday!

August 16-18:  Bridesmaid's dress shopping/girls weekend with the March bride, Cupit!

August 24: Bridget's (October bride) bridal shower

Now I know that is a lot of weekends, y'all.
I am also working 40 hour weeks and training for my first half.
I will conquer the 5k of running this month.
I just will.

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  1. Hey, it may look busy, but it also looks packed with FUN. Hope it's a great month girl :)

  2. Girl! August is going to be super eventful for you! Can't wait to hear all about it!

  3. I love knowing when I have lots of fun planned for the weeks ahead! I hope your trips and parties are fab!


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