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Five Things

1.  We found a best friends just written on a wall in Nola. 
Photo op worthiness.

This week has been pretty ridiculous in a lot of ways.

New job description at work has been thrown at me; 
just one of the uncomfortable things that has happened.
Nola seems like so long ago and I still don't feel 100% rested.
But time has to go on....

2.  I said YES! to be my sister's MAID of Honor. ;) 

3.  This no sugar/no carb challenge has been less than successful.
I caved on Wednesday when my whole world was crashing down.
May be a little dramatic, but it was. 
Pizza made up for it.
Thank you, Kristin.

4.  These verses really spoke to me this week.
Times when I wanted to snap, Jesus brought me back to reality. 
That I should be serving HIM, not my co-workers.

5.  Time to go see my girl after work.
Bridesmaid's dress shopping tomorrow.
I wonder what size I will be....

Have a great weekend, y'all! 


  1. Have fun dress shopping! Happy Friday!

  2. So fun! I can't wait to be my twin sisters maid of honor one day :)


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