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Five things.

1.  Chillaxin' with this dimepiece last weekend.

2.  I was supposed to be on a plane this week to visit this girl in SC.
Lack of funds and time constraints disallowed me to go visit but I hope she had a fabulous birthday.
We are both old now....aka 26. 

3.  Reading Ruth in my cubicle and looking at this little nugget.

4.  Signed up for Emily's SuperheroUnleashed challenge.
It starts Monday.
21 days for $21 dollars.
Let's get it. 

5.  Me and this girl are headed to Nola tomorrow for some birthday fun.
Her birthday.
Ghost/Vampire tour, hurricanes for her/water for me, and a laughable good time.

See y'all Monday! 


  1. I can't wait to hear about that challenge!!!

  2. Y'all have fun in NOLA. I PLAN to go SOON!


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