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This past weekend was Taylor's birthday.  
We came up with the hashtag #tayfeelin23 to keep up with her Nola events.  

When we arrived in Nola, we saw red everywhere.  
NO, not blood (even though Nola is top 10 dangerous cities in the world)...  
Red dresses. Men in dresses. Women, err'body.

Finally clicked with me that it was the Red Dress Run - a 5k that is focused on beating heart disease/cancer.  So that is what was going on as we were trying to get to our hotel.  I loved looking at every person in red and also thankful I did not pack anything that color. 
After we got settled into our room, we made our way out into the hot, muggy city of Nola.  Went to a few shops, got rained on and I almost did a split on Canal street - due to wet concrete and my nike flip flops.  

Obviously my cross-training has been going really well, because my right thigh controlled me enough to not make it all the way to the ground.  
Did lose about 8 seconds of my life though.  Eek. 

After deciding that taking my pants off would be a wonderful idea (in the hotel room of course) we got ready to go to dinner and then our ghost tour/night on bourbon.  

The ghost tour was so much fun considering it was the same tour guide as last time.  There were a bunch of people waiting to go on this tour and they broke us up into 6 different groups, so getting the same tour guide, Luke, as I did 3 months ago was just plain awesome.

Bourbon was crazy with a bunch of red dress men everywhere, but we made our way to Cat's Meow so Tay could get her Karaoke on.  

We stayed there for about an hour and then walked down the infamous street.  We had a blast and made it back to our room about 12:07.  
7 minutes as officially the birthday girl....

Sunday we woke up about 30 minutes before checkout and made our way to the Riverwalk side to start our morning off with some lunch and palm reading.  We ended the trip about 2 hours later, being wayyy too sweaty and ready for some chocolate covered strawberries and 90's music on Pandora. 

We ate at a mexican restaurant coming back into town - it was delicious except for the super hard chips (we would not admit they were stale) and then we were back to reality.
I was also in bed by 8:30 pm Sunday night.

Tay may have been feeling 23, but I was feeling 83. 

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