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The Perfect Blend.

This past Saturday I was one of the hostesses for Bridget's Bridal Shower.  
The theme was The Perfect Blend because she met her groom while they were working at Starbucks.
I do not like coffee at all, 
but I love the Bride so I went along with it. 

Here are some photos of the day:

One of the managers at Starbucks gave us plenty of Starbucks cups/lids/coffee beans.
Which was awesome.

I ended up being in a lot of photos while Bridget opened all of her gifts so......
I am thankful my sister let me borrow a very photogenic dress.
Also, a big thanks to Brooke taking an hour and a half to make my hair look "easy." 

Her "coffee cup" cake 

I hope Bridget had a wonderful shower.
I know I had a wonderful time helping host it.


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