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Two weeks ago was pretty much a blur.  Coming off of a holiday on Monday to the Sons of Anarchy Premiere on Tuesday, the rest of the week leading up to leaving for the beach at noon on Friday was kind of....let's just say it, not memorable. 

I ran errands every night of that week; getting my nails done, buying the bachelorette items, making the survival kits, making sure the brownies tasted good and packing for 3 nights.
You know you are gonna have a pretty fabulous bachelorette trip when the girls wake up and say...
"we need you to come up with the hashtag for this trip."  
OF course, I did not mind.  
It took me until I was all sugared up from my waffle covered in syrup and bacon, 
but I figured out a good one: #beachbachforB

Everyone loved it.
We could not have asked God for better weather at Bridget's Bachelorette trip.  
Literally not a cloud in the sky on Saturday, like ever. 

We decided to order pizza for lunch on Saturday and watch what all bachelorettes do:

After our second time out at the pool, we made our way back up to the condo to get ready for the night...
Well, after the lingerie shower.

[The survival kits I made for everyone]

All of Bridget's, I mean Ryan's gifts...ha 

I apologize for awful lighting - 
We made up for it throughout the night though...


I mean if you can tell from that last photo, 
we spent a lot of time laughing.

With a bride that doesn't drink, two friends giving birth this coming up January....
I'd say we pretty wild bachelorette trip.

Ya know, not all bachelorette parties go to sleep before midnight.
And honestly, I wouldn't change a thing.

I cannot wait for 10.12.13.
We are gonna dance in our orthopedic shoes until our dentures fall out.


  1. How fun! The best nights aren't always the latest ones. :)

    And your dress is AMAZE. Where is it from?!

    1. Hey Dani L!

      I actually purchased it at Target for less than $20 bucks! Amazing, right?

      Thank you for your comment. :)


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