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Bentley > PhillipLim

A couple Sundays ago when I was at the beach, 
I noticed a bunch of my blogger girls posting pictures of purses at Target.
Specifically, #PhillipLimfortarget.

I am in need of purchasing a purse that doesn't imprint on my arm as I carry it.
Sorry MK, I love ya...but  I can't handle the red marks much longer.

So I was on the search.
Monday, coming home from the beach, I began my search at 3 Targets in 3 different states...

When I finally found them in Flowood, MS, I have to be honest, I was not impressed with the price tag.
$60.00 for a purse at Target? No thanks.

Instead of falling in love with a man named Phillip Lim,
Meet Bentley Allen Clark.

 Big Sister smiling, but pretty much making sure I am not doing anything crazy.

Could you be any more chill?

So thankful for Anna and the friendship we share.
I brought Big Sister 4 halloween books and she loved each one of them equally.
(just kidding, Dora totally got more attention)

Dear Bentley,

You, my boy, are beyond precious. 

I held you for a split second and you were automatically like...
Yeah, I could just sleep here all day Aunt Cassie.

And considering my mom and I only got to stay for like an hour,
I am so thankful Anna let me hold you the entire time.

You were 3 weeks old when I looked at you for the first time.
I'm not sure how old you will be when I get to see you again,
but I promise to be just as crazy IF you will be just as precious...deal? 

Keep being the sweetest thing to your parents and big sister.
They love you a whole lot.

See you soon.

Love you,

Aunt Cassie 


In other news, today is Mesothelioma Awareness Day.

Heather reached out to me a couple weeks ago and told me that she is a mesothelioma survivor.
She fought the battle and wants to educate other women on this topic.

She wants anyone who needs more information to click her website below OR email her.
Her email address is: heather.vonstjames@gmail.com

If you want to know more information please feel free to go to her website here:


Thank you for taking the time to reach out to me Heather! 
I wish you nothing but the best! 


  1. I was at Target that morning when the Phillip Lim line came out -- not to buy that stuff but just on a shopping trip myself -- and I couldn't BELIEVE how nuts people were over that stuff. It was insane. I would never buy a designer bag from Target -- not unless it was Marc Jacobs or something.

    1. I COMPLETELY agree, Colleen! So crazy.


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