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Happy Birthday Brailyn!

On September 24, 2008, Brooke's world changed.
On September 27, 2008, mine changed.
BrailynBelle was born.

Yesterday was her 5th birthday.
We ate mini cupcakes, played with Palace pets, and let her paint our faces with whiskers.

I doubt this almost grown teenager knows how much she means to me.
But if she could read my instagram posts, she would have just a tiny idea.

Dear Brailyn,
I'm sure I say this every year but I just can't believe you are 5 years old now.  
I know I am pretty much the most random Aunt you've got. 
The other day I had the urge to just call you up on your non-existent cell and talk about your day at daycare.  Is that weird?  
I told you that exact thing when I got to your house that night and you just shrugged your shoulders and said "I didn't do much today..just watched a movie, took a nap and learned some stuff." 
Brailyn, you have always been a sass bucket. 
I mean that in the nicest way. 
You have made me laugh more times than I can count AND you never cease to amaze me with what you know.  Which is a lot. 

I will never forget the time you wanted me to play the "little mermaid" song for you on Youtube.  I couldn't find it.  You grabbed your mother's phone out of my hand, slid it open, clicked youtube, scrolled down and bam, clicked on it.  You turned to me in your carseat and said "I got it aunt cassie...see look? It's loading."  I was speechless, considering at the time you were....3.
I know you have already had your birthday party as Alice, but last night we were kitty-cats.

Just eating my hair - no big deal.

I hope you have had a purrr-fect birthday - you deserve the world, beautiful girl. 

Love always,

Aunt Cassie 

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