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Happy THIRD Birthday Blog!!

I am not exactly sure which date I started this blog, 
but I have a feeling it was around this week in September of 2010. 

I remember riding around on Jeremy's dad's boat and Kathleen telling me about her blog - and that essentially made me decide to do one as well.  I cannot explain to you the connections I have made through this blog and how I would not have met/began friendships without it. 


When I started this blog, I was working a temporary position a.k.a. job-less, traveling, and 4 months out from my Southern Miss graduation that May.  
I was wondering what my life was going to be like and documenting....not memorable posts.

Today, I am almost 3 years residing in the same job, moved cubicles, got one promotion, a new car, some new friends, and grew closer to my old ones.  
I have held new babies and loved on toddlers.  
I've gone on about 3 dates in these 3 years and have eaten more carbs than I care to admit.  
I have begun training for a half marathon and want to be in a bikini competition in 2014. 


I did not do a blog recap last birthday, but I started out with 2 followers (one of them being myself) and now it's up to 190! That means the world to me.  
I want to get to know each one of you. 

I hope that this blog continues to bring my readers happiness and laughter.  
Because really that's all that matters...
I tell stories about my life and hope you find them just as comedic.

Here's to three years being Always a Blogsmaid and hopefully many, many more!

Thank you for sticking with me this long.
You are awesome.

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