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A Special Rose

I graduated from Hinds Community College in December of 2007.  

After that, I was given the title, "alumni."  
For me, being an Alumni, means a mixture of things.  
It gives me a sense of nostalgia but also a chance to be brand new when Homecoming rolls around every October.  I have the opportunity to hug older alumni that I have known for years AND embrace the new alums that come into our circle. 
This year, our head coach, passed away.  
You may remember when I wrote about her here.  

I knew I would be performing this year - in memory of the one woman who took a chance on me and allowed me to be on the 3rd largest precision dance team in the nation. 
I don't think I could ever fully write out how being a Hi-Stepper has shaped me into the woman I am today.  The bond that we alumni have is something that cannot be broken or ever taken away.

I bet you are wondering why I titled this "A Special Rose."  
Well, it's because every year at Homecoming, Carol, our Hi-Stepper Alumni President gives each one of us a red rose and a hug before we march into the Stadium with the Hinds Eagle Band.  

It is one of the traditions I look forward to the most - knowing that she cares to purchase a rose for each one of us. 

 This year, we honored Mrs. Bee by placing a red rose on the 50 yard line in front of us while we did our routine.  At the end of our dance, we made two single file lines and we picked the rose up and walked off with it at the end.  

Deidre and I 

Becky and I 

The Alumni Hi-Stepper President and me 

This year was a very special one.  I am so thankful my body decided not to get the "flu" again so I could kick out there on the football field with the best of them. :)
Here is a video Mrs. Carol's husband recorded for us.  

Please share any of your college memories that still bring you joy in the comments section.
Can't wait to hear from you....


  1. That is so neat that you got to do this! I so remember the band/colorguard days and living the dream! How I miss those care-free days!

  2. How wonderful! What a fun thing to be apart of :)


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