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Dinner in a Castle.

I would be lying if I said I had energy these past two days, because well I was busy going back in time this weekend when it was normal to hang out all day in castles.  Yes, a legit castle. This past weekend, one of my best friend's from college, got married to her soulmate.  I don't say those words very often but it was truly evident on Saturday. 

Friday's festivities started at 4:30 on Friday afternoon.  I left work at 3 pm to make sure I got there an hour early (didn't do so well on judging how fast I drive, I guess).  Everyone else came straggling in after me and Kaylee.  So rehearsal didn't start until about 5:30 or so.  Not real sure, didn't have my phone attached to my hand. 

After we finished rehearsing and I finally got to walk with my groomsman - we headed into a different room of the castle to begin the dinner portion of the rehearsal.  At this point of the week I was so ready for carbs.  I had drank my body weight in water, worked out, took diurex pills and just prayed to the good Lord above to help me get into that dress.  So when I was offered rolls, mashed potatoes, sweet tea and cake the night before the wedding - do you think I declined? umm, naw baby. 
Dinner was delicious.  However, what was even better? The speeches/toasts everyone gave after we finished eating...well, except for me.  I think there was another table that didn't give any speeches, but I felt like I was the only one who couldn't think of anything funny.  I guess all those sugars/carbs at one time put my brain in a coma. 
Here are some pictures we took at the rehearsal dinner.

The Bride and I 

"We're the three best friends that anybody can have..."

The Bride and all her girls 

Me and my boo thang 

The Bride and her Flower Girl

The Bride and Her Groom

I can't wait to tell you about WEDDING DAY.
 Or just show you how good I looked. ;)


  1. Y'all are so gorgeous!! I am loving your dress!! :)

  2. Hi luv, just came across your blog. Luv the name :)

    Wedding looked like a fun day :) what a cute doggy!!

    Laura xx


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