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Pumpkin Patch is NOT for Kids

Sunday was supposed to be our annual trip with Brailyn to the Pumpkin Patch.  We ate lunch at a local favorite, Jerry's Fish House.  Once we were full on fish err, hamburger and french fries for me - we asked Bray if she was ready to go to the pumpkin patch.
She said: NO.
She said she would rather go to the Children's Museum.  So that's where we went.  With the clouds looking like "hey I might rain in the next 10 seconds..." we decided that is a better idea:  Inside.

This is the second time I have gone to the Children's Museum and the only thing wrong with it is after spending 4 hours, the child doesn't want to leave.  

If you have a kid/neice/nephew and are anywhere around Jackson, MS - please visit this place.
For a 5 year old it beats out pumpkins in October.  
Who would have thought?


  1. What a fun kid day! I wish I had a little one to play with all of the time!


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