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The Laramie Project

As I stated before, I went to see The Laramie Project in Oxford, MS last weekend.  
It was an amazing play.  

Two and a half hours to portray such a horrific crime on Matthew Shepard back in October of 1998. 

For some reason, I kept the program the person handed me before I went into Meek Auditorium.  On the first page, there is a note from the director.  Here is what he had to say:
The Laramie Project has been an extremely rewarding experience.  The cast has poured their hearts and souls into making the characters real and three-dimensional.  Throughout the process we've laughed, we've cried and we've felt inspired to share this story with you on the 15th anniversary of Matthew Shepard's death.
The characters' words aren't just specific to Laramie, WY, but are voices that can be heard all over our nation, including Oxford.  At a time in our history where we've made so much progress, this play speaks to us and challenges us to move beyond the hate and prejudices that still permeate society.  Thank you for supporting Ole Miss Theatre and taking the time
to think about the issues raised in this production.  Enjoy the show!

And enjoy the show, is EXACTLY what I did.  I chuckled on clearly funny parts, but mostly cried.  Cried for humanity. For just the plain act of someone kidnapping and hurting someone for being gay. 
When I first arrived in Oxford Friday night, I asked Taylor what exactly this play was about.  When she said Matthew Shepard - I immediately thought back to the HBO film I saw years ago.  
I remembered details from that movie and it just clicked for me.

I write all this to say that what has happened this week is kinda crazy for me to wrap my head around, being someone who actually sat in the same seat as one of these 20 freshman football players.
If you are unaware of what I'm talking about, 
please click here to get a quick run down of what happened.
Okay, now that you are back - yes, that is what happened.  
One of my best friends, Taylor Dunn, is actor #11.  
11 actors worked their butts off to be 80 different people being interviewed in that play.  I just can't imagine watching athletes who represent the entire school laugh, mock, take photos, make fun, and ridicule the cast and laugh when the play isn't a comedy.
I think my Facebook status says it all:

I sure hope some justice is done about this and soon. 
The Laramie Project was a wonderful, heart-wrenching play and it should be remembered as such.

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