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Halloween 11.2

This past Saturday night was the annual Magoo's Halloween Bash.
Kara and I decided this year to be Batman and Joker.
I went straight homemade on my outfit and it was quite noticeable.

Our inspirations:

And this is what our outfits turned out to be: 

Halloween time has finally come to an end and I am super sad to see it go.

Now it's time to see everyone write about what they are thankful for every single day on Facebook.
Bring on the turkey and dressin', y'all. 


  1. So cute! Love your costumes. For a homemade costume, I'd say you did pretty darn amazing!

  2. I'm so ready for the week of Thanksgiving!

  3. I love your costumes. Great job. I wish I was more crafty or if my husband would dress up with me :)

  4. Y'all looked cute! I love it!


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