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Hotty Toddy.

So this weekend I went up to Oxford, MS for my first EVER Grove experience.
Ole Miss knows how to tailgate.  I, on the other hand, do not.  

I attended the University of Southern Mississippi and you may see 6 tents on game day - but not in Oxford, no way jose. Try 600+ tents.
For example, I was walking past a slew of tents - there was crockpots, televisions, gender reveal parties happening and guess what else: a chandelier.  
Yes, you guys, a chandelier.
I did not take many photos like I should have,
 but here is what I did capture and learn about a Saturday in the Grove:

1.  Wearing the right colors.
Red tank - royal blue shirt with lace back - red scarf - boots tucked in my skinny jeans - 
and the most important thing: A STICKER. 
I felt very sororit-ish with it on. :) 

2.  Take a picture in your tent that you help set up.
Make sure your friend is eating so she can't fully smile.

3.  Ask your "neighbor tent" since they have it all decked out if you can use their photo prop.
Stay classy.

4.  Even if you don't drink and your friends mouth is red,
it just means that yall are sticking with #1 - wearing your team's colors.


I am so thankful for Taylor and her ability to make me included with all of her other friends.
I would say that I'm gonna miss helping put up those tents/chairs/tables, but I'd be lying.

P.S. I'm just so glad we weren't the tent with the chandelier. 

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  1. Girl! It's amazing!!! I just love Oxford! I hate I missed you!


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