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Just another Manic "Makeup" Monday

Image courtesy of @karissaandco on instagram

So this past friday was kind of the best day.
Being stuck in a cubicle this week has brought my happiness down a bit,
so when I went to check out a girl's blog that started following me on Instagram, I had NO idea I won a huge beauty blogger giveaway!!!

I am so in shock and I cannot wait to receive all the beauty gifts.
My co-workers are equally excited because I look like death most days I go to work. Makeup isn't on the top of my lists in the morning, sleep is.
So this will be awesome for everyone involved.

Please go visit these girls' blogs.
You won't regret it.

Plus, if you are stuck in a cubicle like me...this will give you something to do.


  1. How exciting! You'll have to share with us all that you get. :)

    Happy Monday!

  2. So happy that you won!! I was so excited to see a familiar name :) I'll be sending you your prize this week!


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