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The Single Gal's "Husband" List

Once again, Terri posted a link the other day on her facebook about how her husband meets a lot of criteria that was on a certian website.  I read that article and started to think about my own future husband.  What qualities I really want in a person in the future.  

Since I am single and have been for quite some time now, I know what sketchy folks I don't want...so here is my top TEN "single girl's list:"

1.  Loves Jesus MORE than Me
I know like that may sounds crazy to some of you who want your man to LOVE you more than anything, but honestly - I want a man who loves the Lord more than me.  Who looks to Him first to give him guidance and then I'll be second.  This is one where it is NOT "if you're not first, your last."

2.  A humorous attitude that is slow to anger.
I rarely ever get mad/angered/pissed......you name it.  I have always been calm and slow to anger.  I just don't let things bother me that much.  What is the point, ya know?  So that is one aspect that is very high on my list - I don't want someone that blows up screaming obscenities in the middle of bumper to bumper traffic or who gets mad when someone cuts them off, for example.

3.  A man who isn't afraid to pray over dinner OR anything else. Prayer is a big thing for me.  I know I hardly do it enough - definitely don't follow the "pray without ceasing."  So I want my future spouse to be my reminder when I forget.

4.  To take silly Instagram photos with me.
That simple and that complicated.

5.  Have a better work ethic than me.  I am one of those girls that has always been taught "you work for what you want." For example, I had to work a job and save enough money to get my own cell phone in high school.  I worked two jobs every day 5+ days a week to save enough money to have my own apartment when I went to USM. So I am no stranger to hard work, I pray that God sends me a husband that will do whatever it takes to provide for his future wife/family.

6. Communicates well.  I will be the first to admit that once I am comfortable with someone, I am fine with all types of communication.  However, I hate talking on the phone.  Just all the awkward silences are something I like to avoid at all costs.  I will need a man who can talk and keep the conversation going when I am clearly lacking.  

7.  Can cook. Cause anyone who reads this blog knows I can't.  Hello, Newks dine-in.

8.  Let's me be me.  The one thing I am scared to admit about relationships/commitment is losing my independence.  I get things will be different when I get married, but let's say I want to pick up one weekend and drive 3+ hours away to see one of my best friends.  I pray the Lord will send me a man that is okay with that and allows me that type of independence, even if he would rather me stay at home. 

9.  Full of adventure but also loves Netflix.  This one may be asking a lot, but I want someone who knows when to surprise me with a random trip to Nola, but also when to just call it quits after a long week -- lay in bed eating brownies and watching an entire season of a tv show on Netflix.  That balance that keeps things interesting.

10.  If and when I become a mother, to have the best FATHER.  I pray that whoever my future husband is, after I meet his Dad, I want to be able to see that kind of qualities in him.  Knowing that he would be just as excited about the pregnancy as I am.  Or maybe MORE EXCITED - cause ya girl is allergic to Neosporin - could you imagine my skin with a c-section? Eeek.

An unwritten rule is that he has to have a sense of humor. Duh.

So that's my list - anything I missed?  
Please leave a comment below.


  1. love your list! its simple, but yet perfectly though out- love love love that a man who loves JESUS more than yourself is at the very top of your list:)
    amen sister!!

  2. Great list! May I recommend a man who can fix EVERYTHING?

    I say this because my husband can and does fix cars, computers, houses, and my heart. He's a hard-worker whether it means working to bring in money from his job or whether it's fixing stuff that saves us money. There is no question that he can and will always provide for his family. There is such a comfort in that.

  3. Love this post! I have so many of those things on mine too.

  4. Aw... I love it! There is power in words when you write them down. Know that. Believe that. Trust that.


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