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A to Z of ME.

I remember when Brittany did this post and I thought it was such a good way to get to know her.  

Since I have a whole lot of new followers (Hey!!) I figured I would let yall find out a little bit of my quirkyness.

A.  Attached or single? Single.

B.  Best Friend? I have way too many of these.and more. 

C.  Cake or pie? Cake; unless it's my mom's infamous Blueberry pie.

D.  Day of choice? Saturdays.

E.  Essential item? My Iphone. 

F.  Favorite Color? Pink.

G.  Gummy Bears or Worms? SOUR gummy worms all the way.

H.  Hometown? Jack-town.

I:   Favorite Indulgence? Chocolate with caramel on the inside.

J.  January or July? I'm gonna say January.  Some cool things always seem to happen then AND there is so much optimism and excitement ahead. 

K:  Kids? Ha, naw but I'm a great Aunt to a few. 

L.  Life isn't complete without? My Jesus, family and Friends. 

M.  Marriage Date? Hahaha for my sister? 

N.  Number of brothers/sisters? One younger sister - one half brother - and one half sister

O.  Oranges or apples? Both 

P.  Phobias/Fears? Dying, bees/wasps, talking on the phone 

Q.  Quotes? Pinterest.

R.  Reasons to Smile? I'm alive, loved and blessed.  

S.  Season of Choice? Football season ;) 

T:  Tag 5 people: Since Brittany has already done this:  Karissa, Shae, Lauren, Nicole and Haley 

U:  Unknown fact about me: have never had a boyfriend on my birthday. 

V:  Vegetable: Green beans

W:  Worst Habit: the way I don't like to talk on the phone 

X:   Xray or Ultrasound? X-ray 

Y:  Your favorite food? Hamburgers & french fries OR Mexican food 

Z:  Zodiac Sign: Taurus 

Tell me something about you - if you are new around these parts…..

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