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Cheers to a New Year - Part 3

Peach State of Mind


July was a month of celebrations.
Celebrating my sister's engagement, Independence day, a surprise bridal premier show, a wedding for a college friend, and celebrating some more weight loss.
I rambled on the rest of the month about a bunch of nothing.


August was all about the three B's: Birthdays, Bridesmaids and Bridal Showers.
I traveled to Laurel, MS and New Orleans, LA for two of my very best friends birthdays, Lila and Taylor.  One weekend was spent with the March bride trying on bridesmaids dresses and seeing her put her gown on.  I was asked to my sister's Maid of Honor AND I helped throw a coffee themed bridal shower for Bridget who met her groom at you guessed it…..Starbucks. 

But before all that, one of the most precious ladies I have ever known passed away this month. 
She was the lady who thought I was good enough to be a Hi-Stepper that pretty much changed my life forever.  I will never forget Mrs. Anna Bee, gracious southern lady.


I love September.
It is the beginning of the fall season and that means football.
It also means a special little girl's birthday who we always go all out for. 
This year was no exception: Alice in Wonderland. 

September was busy.

It was also the first time I met Bentley Allen Clark, hosted Bridget's bachelorette party at the Beach, got a new blog design, took another trip to Ole Miss and figured that would probably be my last college party, and my blog turned three. Whew.

I am so glad I am getting to break these months down this way with a great group of girls.
Can't wait to wrap up the year next week.

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  1. Missy! Love reading about your year in review. Merry Christmas!


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