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Cheers to a NEW year….THE LAST ONE!

Peach State of Mind

Well y'all, it's the last recap!

I have had so much fun linking up with these other blogger girls to remember my 2013 year. 

How could I ever forget October? I can't.
Something great always seems to happen every October.
Last year, I met the All-American Rejects.
This year, I got to walk down the aisle with a groomsman I nicknamed 'big sexy' in a real life castle to see one of my best friends get married to her soulmate.

When I wasn't involved in wedding festivities, I was practicing for our annual Hi-Stepper performance.  Before the buzzer went off at the game, it was time for halloween festivities.

Almost puking carving a pumpkin and dressing up in public like a Despicable Me minion was just a few things that happened.

A major event occured during Taylor's play in Oxford and I will never forget how many responses, both good and bad, were mentioned on social media.

Batman and Joker 

November was a month of changes.
I went to my first Oxford football game tailgating weekend.
I helped put up and take down the Theater tent and would freeze, then get hot (typical MS weather).
Ole Miss won that weekend and The Grove won my heart.

November was a slow month but the memories were made fast.
I was a part of a huge giveaway that broke my less than 200 blog followers rapidly.
So thankful for all you new peeps.
I went down to the Coast and met a guy who brought me flowers after I locked the door in his face.
Not only did he have my favorite candy in a bag, but he may have some of my favorite qualities I am looking for in someone long term as well.

I also learned that coloring with a two year old is definitely a process.
But I wouldn't change it for anything.

This month has been the most #isthisreallife? situations that has every happened to me.
I was contacted by a company and given a product to review and do a giveaway on it.

I spent more time in my car than I did the last 4 months combined.
I attended Natalie's first birthday party and really can't believe it has been a year since she entered this world.

Aubrie Kate turned 2 and has now made me obsessed with Minnie Mouse.

Even though she mean mugs me because of a cupcake.

I went to see John Mayer in Nola on a last minute trip with my Bff. 

I got to hang out with my Hi-Stepper girls at our annual dinner tradition:

There are only a few days left in December,
 but I have two more trips to the coast within those days.

This girl is ready to pack her trunk and open her heart to the new memories and beginnings of 2014.

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